Academic Catalog

Environmental Science (ENVI)

ENVI 330:  3 s.h.  
Environmental Statistics & Risk Assessment  

Methods of statistical analysis and risk assessment applied to environmental science, including characteristics of environmental quality data; statistical measures and distributions; identifying system changes; hypothesis testing of environmental quality; risk, hazards and exposures; bioassays. Team-taught. Offered periodically.

ENVI 495:  3 s.h.  
Environmental Clinic  

A capstone course devoted to the definition and assessment of an environmental problem from watershed, airshed, biodiversity and human health perspectives. Case studies will be used as models of how environmental problems can be defined/documented and solutions can be implemented. Student teams will define a problem and implement a solution using interdisciplinary approaches while working with a faculty team. Students are encouraged to take this course at the conclusion of the minor. Offered periodically. Prereq: 12 credits of environmental science minor.