Academic Catalog

Finance (FIN)

FIN 179:  3 s.h.  

Experimental Finance Course

FIN 203:  3 s.h.  
Personal Finance  (G3)  

Theoretical tools of economics and business management are applied to personal financial planning and management. Topics include financial planning, consumer credit, budgeting, insurance, retirement and estate planning.

FIN 203H:  3 s.h.  
Hon: Personal Finance  (G3)  
FIN 279:  3 s.h.  

Experimental Course in Finance

FIN 342:  3 s.h.  
Managerial Finance 2  

Advanced topics in corporate finance, including risk analysis of operating and financial decisions, capital budgeting and cash flow analysis. Offered fall. Prereq: MATH 235 and BUAD 206 or ECON 332 or ECON 333 and C- or higher in BUAD 341,

FIN 343:  3 s.h.  
Real Estate Fundamentals  

Introduces special characteristics of real estate and how real estate decisions are made. Includes real estate terms, laws, commercial and residential markets, and property valuation. Offered periodically. Prereq: C- or higher in BUAD 341.

FIN 344:  3 s.h.  
International Finance  

The international financial environment and a comprehensive analysis of foreign exchange rates and instruments. Topics include the international monetary system, balance of payments, contemporary currency trading and quotation, forward contracts, international parity conditions and foreign currency options. Offered annually. Prereq: C- or higher in BUAD 341.

FIN 345:  3 s.h.  
Investment Analysis  

Analysis of investment objectives and functioning of capital markets, including market trading strategies and techniques of portfolio management. Study of stocks and bonds, mutual funds, options and futures. Offered annually. Prereq: C- or higher in BUAD 341.

FIN 346:  3 s.h.  
Princp of Bank Administration  

Bank investment practices, liquidity management, deposits acquisition and administration, branch location decisions, optimal bank capital, mathematical model in banking, management science in banking, computers and checkless banking. Offered periodically. Prereq: C- or higher in BUAD 341.

FIN 347:  3 s.h.  
Risk and Insurance  

Introduces principles and mechanics of insurance. Includes the conceptual and historical framework of insurance and the actual mechanics of insurance risk management as they pertain to personal and business needs. Offered periodically. Prereq: C- or higher in BUAD 341.

FIN 379:  3 s.h.  

Experimental Course in Finance

FIN 405:  3 s.h.  
Topics in Finance  

Advanced, innovative, or exploratory topics and disciplines within finance. Specific content items developed by instructor. Most topics will be for business majors only. Offered periodically. Prerequisites may vary. Consult the current course offering.

FIN 422:  3 s.h.  
Behavioral Finance  

A comprehensive examination of the relatively new discipline of behavioral finance. Designed to expose students to the decision-making biases that cause investors and managers to deviate from actions predicted by economic and financial models, and that cause financial markets to behave in ways counter to these theories. Experiments are used throughout the semester to help students better understand the effects of human behavior and conflicting goals on individual investors and market outcomes. Prerequisites a C- or better in FIN203 and BUAD341.

FIN 445:  3 s.h.  
Financial Markets  

Classical and modern thought on markets. Numerous modern markets are investigated in terms of functionality, strategy and development. Offered annually. Prereq: ECON 101 and C- or higher in BUAD 341.

FIN 447:  3 s.h.  
Cases in Finance  (W)  

Continuation of the study of financial theory and its application using the case method. Real-world financial problems for which elementary or traditional analysis may be deficient. Emphasizes the interrelationship of finance to other areas of study (such as marketing, personnel). Offered spring. Prereq: C- or higher in FIN 342 and ENGL 110.

FIN 479:  3 s.h.  

Experimental Course in Finance

FIN 499:  1-4 s.h.  
Departmental Honors  

Departmental Honors