Academic Catalog

Social Sciences (SSCI)

SSCI 203H:  3 s.h.  
H:Exploratns in Hist of Ideas  (G3, W)  

Topics in intellectual history, with an emphasis on the development of the “West” and its interactions with other civilizations and cultures. Required of freshman Honors students. Prereq or coreq: member of University Honors College and ENGL110H.

SSCI 212:  3 s.h.  
The Black Woman  (G3)  

A multidisciplinary course examining the history, sociology, anthropology and psychology of the black woman from antiquity to the present.The course will focus on the black woman in non-Islamic Africa and the United States. Offered in spring.

SSCI 212H:  3 s.h.  
Hon: The Black Woman  (G3)  
SSCI 279:  3 s.h.