Academic Catalog

Languages and Culture, M.A. - French

  • Major in Languages and Cultures - MA
      9 hours
      • All students are required to meet a capstone requirement which may be a written and oral exam, a written research project with an oral presentation, or a portfolio defended in an oral exam.
    • FRENCH LANGUAGE - See separate block
    Total hours
    9 hours
  • French Language Concentration -Language & Culture
    • Communication - Choose 6 hours from:
      6 hours
    • Culture - Choose 6 hours from:
      6 hours
    • Electives for the Professions - Choose 12 hours from:
      12 hours
      • Current Topics in French
      • Any 5-level FREN course(s)
      • Any 6-level FREN course(s)
      • Note: This requirement may not be satisfied with FREN 521.
      • You may choose up to 6 credits of electives from another field such as education, nursing, marketing, criminal justice, study abroad, or an independent study. A minimum of 6 credit hours of electives must be completed in your target language as the language of instruction. You program coordinator may email approved electives to MA Languages and Cultures students may elect to complete part of their capstone requirement with a thesis or research option. When you have registered for 698 or 699 the thesis option will be noted here.
    Total hours
    24 hours