Academic Catalog

Program Specialist-ESL Post-Baccalaureate Certification

  • Advanced Professional Studies - Post-Bacc Cert
    • *Clearances are valid for one year from the date that appears in the header of this degree audit in the field 'Clearance Date.' Clearances cannot expire in the middle of a semester.
    • ACT 126 - Educator Ethics Training
      • You must submit your Educator Ethics Training (If applying to APS AFTER Jan 15, 2020)
    • 3.0 Minimum Cert GPA - See separate block
      • If you are given the 2.8 GPA Exception for graduation and you graduate with a GPA lower than 3.0, you must have higher certification test scores in order to meet PA state certification requirements.
    • No dispositions-related holds
      • If the requirement above is checked as complete, then there are currently no dispositions-related holds on your APS Status. Registration for APS courses is permitted when all APS requirements have been met. If it is incomplete, you have a hold and APS registration will not be allowed.
    • APS registration status
      • You ARE NOT eligible to register for courses requiring APS status.
    • Application for APS status
  • English as a Second Language - Certification
      • Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Programs & Assessment
        3 hours
      • Methods for Teaching English Language Learners
        3 hours
      • Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
        3 hours
      • Assessment, Policies & Practice in Teaching of English Language Learners
        3 hours
      • Language & Literacy Interventions: Clinical Practicum
        6 hours
    Total hours
    18 hours