Academic Catalog

Culture Studies Minor

Regulations Governing Minor Course Work

  1. There shall be a minimum of 18.0 credit hours with a minimum Millersville QPA of 2.0.
  2. Only one course which counts toward your major may be counted toward your minor.
  3. Courses that count toward a minor are also eligible to be used to satisfy the current University-wide General Education requirements subject to normal distribution requirements.
  4. At least two courses should be at the upper-division level (300-400).  Exceptions may be requested upon evidence of program depth.
  5. No course needed for the minor may be taken Pass-Fail.
  6. One-half or more of the work required for the minor must be completed at Millersville University.
  7. No student may minor in his or her major.

The minor in Culture Studies requires declaration of a specific language, we offer French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

FORL 101 Elementary Language 1

FORL 102 Elementary Language 2

FORL 201 Intermediate Language 1

FORL 202 Intermediate Language 2

6:9 Credits in Culture Electives at the 300 or 400 level

Humanities (HUMN) courses in the respective language subject may be counted as culture electives.