Academic Catalog

Design (DESN)

DESN 144:  3 s.h.  
Digital Theory and Skills  

An introduction to the basic vocabulary and principles of visual communication and media theory, including the various roles and digital tools, skills and techniques of graphic and interactive design industry. Offered annually.

DESN 144H:  3 s.h.  
H: Digital Theory and Skills  
DESN 201:  3 s.h.  
Understanding Web Design  (G1)  

This course provides an overview of the Web design process, and is intended to familiarize students with the meaning, methods, and concepts necessary to understand Web design. The course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn and explore the resources, skills, and hands-on experience needed to design and understand the development of Web design from a user-centered design perspective.

DESN 225:  3 s.h.  
Visual Storytelling and Comics  (G1)  

An introduction to the vocabulary and principles of visual storytelling. Comic book history, conventions, aesthetics, and techniques will be covered in the sequential design medium. The fundamentals of the genre, including amplification through simplification, use of transitions, the passage of space and time and storytelling interpretation will be examined.

DESN 240:  3 s.h.  
Typography I  (G1)  

History and development of communications systems. Traces history of Western culture through study and studio practice. Includes creative design project in layout and composition. Includes criticism, analysis and evaluation. For both non-art and art majors. Offered in fall, spring.

DESN 243:  3 s.h.  
Creativity, Innovation & Human-Centered Design Thinking  (G1)  

Provides an overview of creativity and human-centered design approaches to identify opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. Creativity and human-centered design begins with a deep understanding of people, technology, entrepreneurship and society. Students will apply creativity and human-centered design approaches used for developing practical and innovative products, services, strategies, spaces, technology, social media, entrepreneurial endeavors, and human interactions & experiences.

DESN 244:  3 s.h.  
Typography 2  

A study of the fundamental characteristics of type and communication for the electronic screen and its contrast with type for print media. The course explores typographic terminology, creation of a typeface, structure and the historical context of letterforms and their application in motion, visual and information hierarchies within the electronic screen environment. Prereq: DESN 240 or permission of the instructor. Offered annually.

DESN 246:  3 s.h.  
Intro Sequence/Motion/Vis Comm  

A study of narrative structures and spatial compositions as they relate to time and sequence. Students will be introduced to the principles of time- based design, with an emphasis on research, critical analysis and concept development. Various production methods such as storyboarding and scoring will be introduced. Offered periodically. Prereq: DESN 144 (or ART 144) or permission of instructor.

DESN 247:  3 s.h.  
Intro to Web, Experience and Interaction Design  

Focuses on the fundamentals of user-centered design and usability issues surrounding Web-based interfaces (Internet, PDA, cell, etc.). Examines information architecture models, content/design relationships, user behaviors, and user testing scenarios. The goal is ultimately to develop awareness of the pitfalls of poor design and usability while honing good design habits. Offered periodically. Prereq: DESN 144, ART 144 or permission of instructor.

DESN 300:  3-12 s.h.  
Internship/Co-op in Design  

Internship/Co-Op experience in Design

DESN 307:  3 s.h.  
Visual Communication Design History  (P)  

A history of the visual elements and technological processes involved in an informed view of design from the beginning of pictographic language to the present. The course attempts to cover four main areas of investigation: an analysis of the evolution of formal or visual attributes; the relationship between design and its audience; the study of the social and economic activity of design as it is circulated in communities and across continents; and the effect of technology on the aesthetics of design.

DESN 307H:  3 s.h.  
Hon: Vis Comm Design Hist  (P)  
DESN 332:  3 s.h.  
Material Design  

This course explores material and surface pattern design as a creative endeavor while developing and reinforcing technical and conceptual skills. Emphasis will be on the use of graphic and traditional drawing methods to create unique patterns for a variety of applications including wallpaper, fabrics, furnishings, floor coverings, giftware, home and business products, wrapping paper, and more.

DESN 340:  3 s.h.  
Interaction Design  

Further exploration of the principles and methodologies associated with digital media and interaction design, including complex multimedia presentations and applications for the Worldwide Web. Students will study human-factor variables of design utilizing time-based and interactive design processes, explore design as a social, cultural and political activity. Methods for analysis and production will continue to be emphasized. Offered periodically. Prereq: DESN 247, ART 247 or permission of instructor.

DESN 341:  3 s.h.  
Motion Design  

Explore time-based visual communication environments. Unique conditions influencing the roles of typography, image, symbolic systems, narrative, and sound and time systems are assessed in the resolution of assigned projects. Students are exposed to the tools, theories, aesthetics and techniques used in time-based message building. Offered periodically. Prereq: DESN 246, ART 246 or permission of instructor.

DESN 342:  3 s.h.  
Kinetic Design and Animation  

An examination of design animation, emphasizing 2D animation techniques such as keyframing, transition and metamorphosis, timing and expression using both hand drawn and digital techniques. Prereq: DESN 144 (formerly ART 144) or permission of instructor.

DESN 343:  3 s.h.  
Experience Design  (W)  

Synthesis and analysis of relevant aspects of meaningful human interactions in a networked and mediated environment, including physical, cognitive/ emotional, social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions of these interactions, and the relationships of such interactions to commerce, learning, work, play, community and gaining access to the privileges of user experience. In an exploration of language structures (storytelling) that enhance understanding and support users’ objectives in a variety of contexts, students will explore the construction of verbal messages and the roles they play in defining experience. Offered periodically. Prereq: DESN 247, ART 247 or permission of instructor.

DESN 344:  3 s.h.  
Visual Communication and Graphics Design 1  

An exploration of contemporary design practice and theory.

DESN 344H:  3 s.h.  
H: Vis Comm and Graphcs Des 1  
DESN 346:  3 s.h.  
Intro to Computers in Design  

Explores and develops design capabilities for graphic expression through the use of contemporary digital media. Offered periodically. Prereq: ART 133 or ART 242.

DESN 347:  3 s.h.  
Design for Social Equity  (D)  

Exposes students to a wide range of materials that causes them to take a more analytical and critical approach to the field of graphic and interactive design and gain a better understanding of the cultural impact they can have as designers. This will be applied to the creation of written practical design projects. Offered periodically. Prereq: DESN 144, ART 144, DESN 240, ART 240 or permission of instructor.

DESN 348:  3 s.h.  
Packaging in Design  

Development of three-dimensional design solutions related to the presentation of objects and products, linked with conceptual, idea-driven design. The analysis of two-dimensional graphic applications of three-dimensional form is stressed. Offered periodically. Prereq: ART 144, DESN 144, ART 240, DESN 240 or permission of instructor.

DESN 349:  3 s.h.  
Information Design  (W)  

Studio exploration of various techniques and digital media appropriate for contemporary illustratrion. Offered periodically. Prereq ENGL 110 and ART 144 or DESN 144 or permission of instructor.

DESN 375:  3 s.h.  

Studio exploration of various techniques and digital media appropriate for contemporary illustration. Offered periodically. Prereq: ART 133 or 142 or permission of instructor.

DESN 379:  1-6 s.h.  

Experimental course in Design.

DESN 444:  3 s.h.  
Vis Comm and Graphcs Design 2  (W)  

Continued study of visual communications with emphasis on print and digital publication design. Offered in fall and/or spring. Prereq: ART 344, DESN 344 or permission of instructor.

DESN 446:  3 s.h.  
Advanced Computers In Design  

Offered in fall and/or spring. Prereq: ART 346.

DESN 447:  3 s.h.  
Advanced Web Design  

Offered annually.

DESN 480:  3 s.h.  
Sp Topics in Design  

Exploration of special topics in the field of Interactive and Graphic Design.

DESN 493:  3 s.h.  
Capstone: Portfolio  

Capstone class for BDES or B.A. or B.F.A. student, with a concentration in graphic and interactive design. The course is designed to prepare the student for entry into the interactive and graphic design fields or graduate school. The student will create a professional-quality digital portfolio of work for entry into the interactive and graphic design fields or graduate school.

DESN 498:  1-6 s.h.  
Independent Study  
DESN 499:  1-4 s.h.  
Departmental Honors  

Departmental Honors