Academic Catalog

Meteorology, B.S.

  • Major in Meteorology, BS
    • ESCI 348 Broadcast Meteorology and ESCI 442 Advanced Weather Analysis/Forcasting Practicum are recommended skill courses. Completing these courses will not impact your major GPA.
      38 hours
      • Meteorology (C- minimum)
      • FORTRAN Programming for Earth Sciences Applications
      • Cloud Physics & Precip Process
      • Atmospheric Thermodynamics
      • Atmospheric Dynamics 1
      • Atmospheric Dynamics 2
      • Atmospheric Radiative Transfer
      • Scientfc Prgm Analys & Vis, GIS Apps for Earth Sci or GIS - See Appendix 1
      • Synoptic Meteorology Lecture-Laboratory
      • Climate Dynamics
      • Mesoscale Meteorology
      • Stats & Decision Making in Earth Science
    • EARTH SCIENCE ELECTIVES - Choose 12 hours from:
      12 hours
      • Introduction to Oceanography
      • Environmental Hydrology
      • Tropical Meteorology
      • Satellite Meteorology
      • Chemistry of the Atmosphere
      • Physical Oceanography and Climate
      • Remote Sensing & Image Interpretation
      • Space Weather and Environment
      • Num Modeling of Atmos and Ocns
      • Meteorological Instrumentation
      • Boundary Layers and Turbulence
      • Radar Meteorology
      • Air/Sea Interaction
      • Topics courses must be approved by advisor. Any approved Meteorology electives taken in excess of 49 will be listed here and count toward major GPA. Only one course designated as Perspectives (P) is allowed as an elective in the MET major or required related. If you are taking a (P) course as a major elective, please have your advisor email
    Total hours
    50 hours
  • Appendix 1. Scientfc Prgm Analys & Vis, GIS Apps for Earth Sci or GIS
    • Scientfc Prgm Analys & Vis, GIS Apps for Earth Sci or GIS - Choose 1 of the following:
      3 hours