Academic Catalog

Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A.


Core Program 1: 18 credits (9 credits at the 300 & 400 level required)

Core Program 2:  18 credits (9 credits at the 300 & 400 level required)

Capstone Course:  3 credits (advanced research seminar, internship, or practicum)

Required Related Electives:  9-12 credits *Chosen in consultation with advisor, disciplines not used in core one or core two


  • With the approval of the student’s advisor(s), a concentration of study may be modified to include select credits from an existing department or minor concentration. 9-18 additional credits each from two related departments or concentrations. No student may graduate in the major without successfully completing the minimum required credit hours of the Core Concentrations and a Capstone Course.
  • Change of major to MDST may alter a student's general education distribution. Courses used in the major (Core 1 or Core 2) may not also count for General Education credits. Students should consult with their advisors to resolve any conflicts. 
  • Capstone course should be planned as one of the LAST courses fulfilled in the major.