Academic Catalog

Government, Policy, and Law Minor

Regulations Governing Minor Course Work

  1. There shall be a minimum of 18.0 credit hours with a minimum Millersville QPA of 2.0.
  2. Only one course which counts toward your major may be counted toward your minor.
  3. Courses that count toward a minor are also eligible to be used to satisfy the current University-wide General Education requirements subject to normal distribution requirements.
  4. At least two courses should be at the upper-division level (300-400).  Exceptions may be requested upon evidence of program depth.
  5. No course needed for the minor may be taken Pass-Fail.
  6. One-half or more of the work required for the minor must be completed at Millersville University.
  7. No student may minor in his or her major.
  • Minor in Government, Policy, and Law
    • American Politics - Choose 1 of the following:
      3 hours
    • International or Comparative Politics - Choose 1 of the following:
      3 hours
    • Government & Political Affairs Electives
      • Choose 12 credits of Govt & Political Affairs electives in consultation with your adviser.