Academic Catalog

Educ Curriculum & Instruction (EDCI)

EDCI 700:  3 s.h.  
The Mentoring Teacher  

This course is designed to adequately prepare cooperating teachers (mentor teachers) to observe, analyze, guide and evaluate the field experiences of teacher candidates as they serve students with and without disabilities. The course presents a formal program for cooperating teachers, including strategies for the effective interaction with student teachers as well as crucial techniques of observation, supervision and evaluation. The course creates opportunities for the cooperating teacher to prepare for the responsibilities of the mentoring role. Understanding the evaluation processes, completing online evaluations, understanding the candidate’s developmental process and the efficient use of mediation and collaboration are detailed and planned. The best strategies for partnering with university faculty are considered in relation to each specific environment. Establishing expectations and environmental influences aimed at the teacher candidate’s development are detailed and codeveloped. Offered in summer.

EDCI 799:  3,6 s.h.  
Applied Supervision  

A field-based experience designed to develop the candidate’s leadership abilities K-12. Comprehensive involvement in on-site activities, including classroom observations K-12, required research, policy and skill competencies. Specific activities include the demonstration of effective communication, staff development, budgeting and the ability to integrate curriculum across disciplines K-12, in addition to other activities at the elementary and secondary levels. The field experience demands a high degree of cooperation between the University and the school where the student is employed or assigned.