Academic Catalog

Degree Requirements

Departmental Requirements

Each department has the option of using the Degree Candidacy process and will describe the specifics of its degree candidacy process. The general evaluation is based on:

  1. the student’s performance in graduate study to date;
  2. in certain departments, the results of a departmental examination; and
  3. other criteria appropriate to the field as determined by the department.

If a student is unsuccessful in the initial attempt to earn degree candidacy, he/she may petition the department for a second evaluation. Prior to the second attempt, the student must be advised by the department of the areas in which performance was deficient and of any other factors that were considered in the denial of the student’s admission to degree candidacy. The results of the candidacy evaluation will be forwarded to the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning.

The final phase of the candidacy process is the development of a program of study for the remaining requirements in the degree program. This program of study should be developed in consultation with an advisor, and copies should be filed in the department.